Sealine Breaks Record

Sealine Group had a record 190 transits last month which highlights the synergy of the three companies that form Sealine. Group Chairman Les Chapman said “it is particularly satisfying that Sealine continues to outperform most competitors in this challenging market and with dynamic leadership is expanding its services.”

Sealine Group Established

Sealine Group established in January 2018 combines the global services of Bowline Defence Limited, Seagull Maritime Security and Castor Vali. Sealine Group is now the market leader providing maritime security services and anti-piracy operations, for some of the worlds’ largest shipping companies, oil majors, cruise liners and super yacht clients.

Castor Vali Established

Castor Vali was established in London. Castor is a global security and risk management company specialising in providing International Protective Services, Corporate Security and Training and Advisory services to Governments and multinational organisations in emerging and high risk markets.

Seagull Established

Seagull Maritime Security Limited was established in Malta and offers its clients a full range of maritime security and anti-piracy services for a safe and secure voyage of vessels transiting the High Risk Areas (HRA) of the Gulf of Aden, the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.